Sleep Training Methods: 5 Ways to Make you Baby Fall in Sleeping

One of the first things that you want to learn as a new parent is sleep training methods and how to get baby to sleep as easily and stress-free as possible.


The first is to ensure that your baby is comfortable. This means a good diaper, like one from the Huggies Little Snugglers range, and a loose fitting sleep suit. Likewise, you want your baby’s cot to be a nice, warm temperature, so that your baby is not too hot or too cold during the night.

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One of the favored methods of getting baby to sleep is using a soothing method. This involves gently cradling and nursing the baby so that he feels safe and can go to sleep in a natural way.


Another tip is to try and get into a routine as soon as possible. This means putting baby down for a nap at the same time every day, and again at the same time every night. With repeated practice, your baby should get used to the routine that you lay out and this will make bedtimes easier for both of you.

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In a similar way, it is important to make sure that your baby’s bedroom is a quiet and peaceful environment. If you have pets, particularly dogs, make sure that they are kept well away as they are known to make noise at the wrong time!


Finally, if your baby is still experiencing sleep difficulties then we recommend an added comfort, such as soft music in the background, or something related to the mother, such as a piece of clothing, left in the cot to make baby feel extra safe.


These are just a few of the sleep training methods that we suggest on how to get baby to sleep. Don’t forget to check out our Huggies printable coupons too and you can get great savings on items like the Little Snuggler baby diapers!


New born baby check list: 5 thing you must prepare

You’re excited about welcoming your new baby into the family, but that doesn’t mean that the prospect of a being a new parent is a little bit daunting! Many new parents in your position feel exactly the same because preparing for baby is a big task! That’s why we’ve compiled this new born checklist to get you started! Here are a few things that you will definitely need and what’s more, with the offers on our Huggies coupon page, you’ll be able to save money on Huggies diapers, wipes and much more!
Babies need diapers and lots of them! Make sure you have a good stock in the house in preparation as you’ll be surprised how quickly they go! Making sure that you have plenty of Huggies diapers means that you won’t have to go out shopping during the first few days at home with your new baby!

Image 1: Huggies pure &natural diapers

Baby Wipes
A big supply of baby wipes is another essential item to have at home. They come handy with all aspects of baby care, not just changing, and they store easily and last well, so it’s a good idea to buy in bulk at first and then you know you won’t have to worry for a good while!

Image 2: Huggies natural care baby wipes

When your baby is asleep, you’ll want to use the time to get other chores done around the house, or just rest yourself! A baby monitor will allow you to keep an ear out for your baby, while you are moving around the house. It’ll give you peace of mind while freeing you up to take care of other things!
Bibs are an essential part of your newborn baby kit and come in handy not just at home, but when you’re feeding out and about too. They are inexpensive so stock up as they will last well as your baby grows.
Onesies are the perfect outfit for new babies! They are cheap and easy to buy at all baby stores and they will keep your new baby warm during both the daytime and at night!
Preparing for baby takes time but this new born checklist will start you on the right track! Don’t forget to take advantage of the promo codes on our Huggies coupon page when you buy your Huggies diapers too!

Top Best Huggies Coupons December 2013

Top Best Huggies Coupons December 2013

Diapers are one such thing that offers freedom for the infants to move around without having to fear the wetness. But they are not that cheap that anyone and everyone can afford it, especially when we speak of good brands such as Huggies. One may have no way but to spend a good portion of his/her salary on diapers. In such situations the only way to balance your needs and the expenses is to make use of the discount coupons such as Huggies coupons 5 off and more.

One of the best ways to make the best use of these online deals is to gather the coupon codes and use them for bulk purchasing online or offline. Also registering on the official website of Huggies will make you eligible for exciting reward programs and deals. You will keep receiving the latest offers on your e-mail which can be of great use to save money.

huggies coupon 45

These coupons are not just for diapers but also for other Huggies products like wipes, pull ups and other baby products too. Use Huggies wipes coupons and Huggies pull ups coupons to avail offers on baby products.

Check out these deals to save on your expenses

  • Save $2 on slip on diapers
  • $3 off on snug dry diapers
  • $1 discount on Huggies baby wipes

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  • Hot Huggies coupons- Diapers for just $3.49 at Walgreens
  • Choose any one Huggies overnite diaper for just $2
  • Get registered with Babies “R” US and enjoy a free coupon of $ 6 which can be used to buy any of the Huggies products

One of the biggest tips to buy diapers online is to buy them in bulk so that you save on shipping charges and make use of these discount coupons to the fullest. Collect these coupons now avail the best possible deals that can help you save money and bring smile on your baby’s face.

Halloween Costume Ideas for Women at Target.Com

Halloween Costume Ideas for Women at Target.Com

When that familiar seasonal chill settles in the air and you suddenly develop an insatiable urge for pumpkin spice lattes, you know Halloween is just around the corner. Whether you’re four or forty-four, it’s the perfect time to round up the family for a ghoulishly great time.

A big part of preparing for Halloween 2013 is organising the Halloween costumes. This year, Target has a whole host of women’s costumes to suit every budget and style.

Halloween costume coupons

(Image Credit: Robert Bejil Photography)

Want to bring out your inner superhero? Invest in a sizzling hot faux leather Bat Girl costume, complete with an attached cape.

Can’t get enough of everyone’s favourite yellow family? Why not don the Simpsons’ Marge Glam Deluxe Adult Women’s costume for the night? The figure hugging fabric gives this otherwise playful costume a sinfully sexy edge.

For those wishing to opt for something more traditional, you can’t go wrong with a vampire. The Women’s Vampire Costume will suit any modern vampiress, with its thigh-length black dress, silky red lined cape and complementary fangs and choker. Classic vampire fans might prefer the gorgeous Women’s Vampire of Versailles costume, which comes complete with an elegant floor-length black and red gown, flared lace sleeves, a petticoat for extra shape and a choker.

No Halloween costume list is complete without fairytale characters. Again, got you covered. Our top pick is the classic Fairytale Riding Hood Costume. This affordable ensemble includes a cute polyester dress and Red Riding Hood’s iconic red cape. If you’re looking to kick things up a notch, consider going for the slightly more adult Dark Riding Hood Costume, which comes with a cloak and sultry red and black corset style bodice dress.

Halloween costume

(Image Credit: starrynight_012)

Fuller figured women often have trouble finding Halloween outfits that not only fit in all the right places but also accentuate their favourite features. Fear not, ladies, Target stocks many costumes in plus sizes, so no one has to miss out on looking frightfully fabulous this Halloween. Plus size costume seekers a spoilt for choice with options such as Wonder Woman, Lady Zorro, Bat Girl, Cinderella and many more.

If budget is an issue this holiday season, be sure to take full advantage of coupons. You’ll be surprised how much you can save by checking out all the Halloween costume coupons on offer.

Now that your costume is sorted, you can look forward to the spookily spectacular Halloween you deserve!

3 cool ways to make kids stop crying immediately!


By Knightopia [CC-BY-SA 2.0] via

Children cry for various reasons and in some cases it has nothing to do with physical harm or pain. Tantrums are popular and many times is caused by a child’s perception of what should be, such as they need to go somewhere now but you the parent aren’t ready.

A tantrum may be accompanied by screaming, yelling throwing self on floor or some other attention getting drama.

A parent or someone who knows the child well can almost always tell whether or not the crying is serious and warrants immediate attention. For instance: Babies will cry when they need a diaper change, their tummy hurts, they are teething or they just plan need mommy to pick them up.

It is usually easy to differentiate which cry for help is serious and which is just for attention. Toddlers are the same. They usually throw more tantrums between ages two to five than any other age group. Parents and close family members are usually able to tell when something is wrong like a scraped knee or if they are just crying because their brother took their toys.

According to a psychological study on tantrums in kids, James Green at University of Connecticut and Michael Potegal at the University of Minnesota found that tantrums made no sense most of the times as children cry for no plausible reason. They came up with a theory on how to get the crying to stop. Here are the top three ways to get kids to stop crying immediately. This all depends on age group.


Ignoring the child

If the child is a toddler and is throwing a tantrum, most likely they are either seeking mommy’s immediate attention or they are crying about something that absolutely makes no sense. James Green and Michael Potegal suggest ignoring the child. They found that reasoning with the child only makes the tantrum worse as in most cases the child does not understand you reasoning. They also found that ordering the child to go to their room only makes matters worse so not saying anything at all will make the child cry themselves out when they realize no one is paying attention.

Picking up the child

If the child in question is a baby under the age of two years old most likely he/she is seeking mommy’s attention. These are the years when kids love to be held in your arms and seated on laps, They hate to be alone even if you are in the room with them they want to the center of attention all the time.


Clowning around

This one works with any child. All you have to do is something really funny. Try not to be scary or the crying may get worse. Make funny noises. This will work great if you could talk like a funny cartoon character and walk like them as well, Their favorite cartoon character may be bugs bunny, sponge bob or Superman. Singing also works especially for newborns or babies under six months

Hope these tips are useful for you!


EXCLUSIVE Offer From Huggies!

EXCLUSIVE Offer From Huggies!

huggies little movers

Are you a big fan of Huggies Little Movers Slip-on diapers? Would you love to receive an incredible discount on your favorite brand? Well for a limited time only you can get an exclusive Huggies coupon which can have you saving BIG on all your essential purchases. All you have to do is  “Check-In” to the Huggies Facebook page five days in a row and you will receive your very own Huggies coupon. What are you waiting for? Take the “Easy On, Easy Off Challenge” on Facebook and you will be able to receive a very rewarding prize including helpful hints and of course the exclusive Huggies coupon.

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You can check out for more Huggies coupons and Huggies Printable Coupons here.

Huggies Printable Coupon February 2013

Huggies Printable Coupon February 2013

HUGGIES Little Movers

HUGGIES little movers’ diapers have stretchy snug fit waistband, fitted shape, efficient leak lock, and cute graphics with Disney cartoon characters. The diapers are designed to fit your baby and make them feel comfortable and happy. That’s why generally 97% customers would recommend this product to a friend. Right now you can use this Huggies printable coupon to save $2 on any pack. Huggies  also offers baby toiletries and many other products that babies and mothers will love. Use Huggies’ stuffs to make diaper time funnier and Huggies coupons to save money

! Hurry as this coupon is only valid until: February 28, 2013

Huggies Printable Coupon February 2013


$2 Off Huggies Little Movers Coupon

$2 Off Huggies Little Movers Coupon

Huggies Coupons

$2 Off Huggies Little Movers in Stores

From now through January 29, 2013, you can get $2 off on any purchase of HUGGIES Little Movers Slip-On Diapers.  This product provides lots of advantages including stretchy sides for a fuss-free fit, quick-absorbing layers, and a long-lasting core to lock in wetness.

What are you waiting for? Print this Huggies coupon and save now!

Huggies Printable Coupons



Huggies Diaper CouponsI have seen many parents stretch their budgets and face all kinds of physical and mental stress when having a new born baby. If you are a parent, you will find that baby products are the most money-consuming goods in the markets with not only food and clothing but other items as well. Do you believe that the most expensive baby product is diapers? It sounds funny, right? But it is true because a baby needs at least 10 diaper changes per day and a package of Huggies diaper usually costs from $10 to around $60. So it is important for parents to save money on diaper buying. With the aim to help you as well as other mums and dads save money on buying diapers, I would like to give some tips on saving on Huggies diaper products.

Subscribe for newsletters

The simplest ways for you to save money on Huggies nappies is to subscribe to the manufacturer’s newsletters. By this way, you can regularly check the most updated sale-off information through emails. Besides, you can follow the seller on social network like Facebook, Twitter to get the best deals and offers from Huggies online retailer. Thus, you can easily save up to $50 if using these kinds of offers. Try them now to save on your buying.

Huggies Diapers CouponsBuy in bulk

Another way to save money on Huggies diapers is to purchase in bulk. Since diapers do not go bad, why don’t you purchase Huggies diapers in bulk and use them gradually? Furthermore, you can get price reduction when buying larger packages of products with more diapers, because smaller packages mean higher cost of packaging. Therefore, you had better buy big packages of diapers rather than smaller ones to save your money.

Compare price

Before deciding to buy any Huggies products, you should compare prices among sellers. Different stores can offer different price levels on the same products. Be a smart shopper! You can ask for advice from precedent buyers on forums, blogs, etc. or read reviews on products before buying and you can save more than you expect with this simple method.

Utilize Giveaways/ Reward points

Huggies Diaper Coupons 2Huggies usually offers customers freebies and giveaways to save on their buying. You can get giveaway deals on the official website of Huggies or on other coupon sites, moms’ forums and blogs. Additionally, reward points are another good way to save your budget. Huggies website often updates the latest reward programs like play to win, earn reward points, every little bottom. Why don’t you take advantage of these giveaways and reward points to save a bundle on your baby’s diapers and other stuffs.

Look for Huggies printable coupons

Huggies Printable CouponsOne more effective way of saving money is to look for Huggies printable coupons. You can search for Huggies printable coupons all over the Internet, especially on Huggies main site or coupon sites. All you have to do is to print the coupons off the sites and store them in stacks to get discounts when buying diapers. However, you should check the expiry date on the coupons to make sure that they are valuable. A wide range of Huggies printable coupons are varied in types and values can help you save your wallet on shopping Huggies nappies for your baby. Start collecting Huggies printable coupons today to save your money.






Huggies Printable Coupons 5As you may know, Huggies is one of the nation’s leading nappy-manufacturing brands. Huggies products are highly appreciated thanks to high-quality and reliability. However, customers usually find it pricey to buy Huggies products. At $25.26 for a big package of Huggies Snug and Dry Diapers, the cost of buying Huggies nappies will be quite a burden to mums. Nevertheless, there are still simple ways for you to save your money when buying Huggies products. Have you ever heard about Huggies printable coupons ? Let me help you find out more about them

Huggies Printable Coupons 2012What are Huggies printable coupons?

Huggies printable coupons are Huggies manufacturer’s coupons that can be printed off the website. To print out these coupons, you may have to download some printing programs to support the process but this will take little time to complete, so don’t worry! With Huggies printable coupons in your hands, you can benefit a lot from buying Huggies nappies, wipes, swim pants or change mats and pull-up training pants. The amount of money paid now is reduced significantly, thus helps you to afford other items in needs.

Where to find Huggies printable coupons?

Huggies Printable Coupons 2012 2013So where can we find Huggies printable coupons to take advantage of them? The answer is everywhere. They can be found all over the Internet. You can pay a visit to Huggies website to check Huggies printable coupons that are available. Besides, you can join the mailing list to receive additional coupons in the mail

Apart from Huggies websites, you can get access to   Huggies printable coupons through coupon-clipping websites where you can find a wide range of discount codes from other online retailers for all kinds of products. In other words, you can use coupon sites to collect as many Huggies printable coupons as possible to save your budget at most. Why don’t you check coupon sites today to save on your diaper buying at Huggies? Huggies printable couponscan vary in value so it is advisable for you to double and triple them to add up the value and save more on your buying

How to use Huggies printable coupons?

Huggies Printable Coupons 6You can use Huggies printable coupons just like other coupons collected from newspapers or magazines. Nonetheless, remember to verify the expiration date before printing to make sure that your coupons are still valued. Besides, you should call the local store to make sure that they accept printable coupons to buy Huggies products. Furthermore, you can use Huggies printable coupons by doubling coupons if possible. You can double coupons by printing two of each coupon per computer. If you have more than one computer, you can print out even more than two coupons each time. Store your coupons in a box and when collecting enough for buying, bring your stacks of coupons to a Huggies retailer to buy diapers and other products for your baby at discounted prices. The more you buy, the more you save. With Huggies printable coupons, you can save up to 80% off fixed prices of Huggies items.

Now Huggies diapers are no longer a burden on your monthly expenses. Enjoy the best quality with the best shopping experience with Huggies printable coupons.