3 cool ways to make kids stop crying immediately!


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Children cry for various reasons and in some cases it has nothing to do with physical harm or pain. Tantrums are popular and many times is caused by a child’s perception of what should be, such as they need to go somewhere now but you the parent aren’t ready.

A tantrum may be accompanied by screaming, yelling throwing self on floor or some other attention getting drama.

A parent or someone who knows the child well can almost always tell whether or not the crying is serious and warrants immediate attention. For instance: Babies will cry when they need a diaper change, their tummy hurts, they are teething or they just plan need mommy to pick them up.

It is usually easy to differentiate which cry for help is serious and which is just for attention. Toddlers are the same. They usually throw more tantrums between ages two to five than any other age group. Parents and close family members are usually able to tell when something is wrong like a scraped knee or if they are just crying because their brother took their toys.

According to a psychological study on tantrums in kids, James Green at University of Connecticut and Michael Potegal at the University of Minnesota found that tantrums made no sense most of the times as children cry for no plausible reason. They came up with a theory on how to get the crying to stop. Here are the top three ways to get kids to stop crying immediately. This all depends on age group.


Ignoring the child

If the child is a toddler and is throwing a tantrum, most likely they are either seeking mommy’s immediate attention or they are crying about something that absolutely makes no sense. James Green and Michael Potegal suggest ignoring the child. They found that reasoning with the child only makes the tantrum worse as in most cases the child does not understand you reasoning. They also found that ordering the child to go to their room only makes matters worse so not saying anything at all will make the child cry themselves out when they realize no one is paying attention.

Picking up the child

If the child in question is a baby under the age of two years old most likely he/she is seeking mommy’s attention. These are the years when kids love to be held in your arms and seated on laps, They hate to be alone even if you are in the room with them they want to the center of attention all the time.


Clowning around

This one works with any child. All you have to do is something really funny. Try not to be scary or the crying may get worse. Make funny noises. This will work great if you could talk like a funny cartoon character and walk like them as well, Their favorite cartoon character may be bugs bunny, sponge bob or Superman. Singing also works especially for newborns or babies under six months

Hope these tips are useful for you!


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